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Had no idea it was a holiday!

Our calendar is starting to get full. I have a crop October 6th. The following weekend we are will probably go to my mother's house in Alabama. If my son and his wife can go, then we will go to, and it gives me a chance to take the baby her gift.

My mother has not missed Sunday School in 50 years - she has rearranged schedules and even checked herself out of the hospital early when she had a hysterectomy 30 years ago. She doesn't miss.

The churches in our area did not have Sunday School on Easter Sunday morning so she will not come spend Easter with us becuase she will not miss Sunday School - it is that important to her.

Anyway, there is a big party for her (which she is not going to like becuase she does not go every Sunday for attention, its a private thing for her) but, the church is having the party so a lot of family is going.

Then Joe has the test where they look at his brain for the inside. Don't even want to think about that one.

THen most likely we will leave on October 22nd for a 16 day cruise - starts in Quebec, goes to a lot of places in Canada, goes to New York and Charleston (I want to eat at Hyman's Seafood) and ends up in Ft. Lauderdale. We are seriously considering it.

We get home November 7th and will have a house guest that day who will stay for a week.

Then on November 19th Joe has 3 more tests but none with a pain factor.

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