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Alison, Cracker Barrel is the greatest inventon ever! A restaurant, with a large country-type git store where you wait to get in.
Cracker Barrel hashbrown casserole is my favorite. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. They do have good gifts, a nice cold sasparilla and sit in the rockers out front. Doesn't get much better!

I have to agree about the tiny attacher. It is wonderful. I got mine years ago because I thought I may use it some and I love it. Like Jarvae said, very flat neat staples. I use it alot. Ribbon, TH film strip (which I TOTALLY love).

I gotta go. My wireless keyboard is skipping a lot of letters. I just put new batteries in it to. Back/kidney is killing me this evening, and it could be the painmeds I'm on,but I'd rather blame the keyboard. Better not use my nifty new CutterPillar cause I could lose a finger. I do love that thing.

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