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Good morning, y'all!

1. Next time I need something to buy at M's or HL with my coupon, I will break down and get a Tiny Attacher. I said it out loud, in print, so now it's official.

2. Henri - In 2010, a few months after my boxer died and we'd adopted another, some friends were at Cracker Barrel and found the most adorable Halloween decoration that they gave to me. It's a huge boxer, dressed like a pirate, that has a basket for candy that you leave on your front porch. It's probably 3.5 feet tall, it's huge! And adorable. And it looks just like my Junior, and late Maxwell. We just got it out of the storage area so I could put it out this year!

3. Darla - the dog walk is at Reeves Park, in Norman. You can get all the details on Second Chance Animal Sanctuary's website, or from the links on my FB page or blog. I'm bummed about the weather being cold, but looks like several of our friends will come out with their pups, we'd love to have you guys join us!!!

4. After the dog walk on Saturday, I'm coming home to watch OU Football. Then, I'm scrapping, decorating for an upcoming party and working on our Halloween costumes. That is ALL I'm going to be doing through Monday. I only a have a few layouts to go to finish my Las Vegas album finally, and have 3 layouts waiting to be done as well. I have a dress to sew, and some decorations to finish for our annual OU/Texas party. I'm excited to be crafty!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!

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