Username Post: Thanks to all of you who tag all the items you use in your layouts
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I hate to say it but when I buy new paper I cut off the strips that say what it is because I accidently used the back of a sheet once and the strip was on the other side and it nearly ruined a layout. I don't scrap by manufacturer so its easy for me just to cut the strips off when I buy the paper and some of my papers are many many years old! I don't know what I'm using!

Most of the punches are so old I don't know what they are. I spent one entire day trying to track down and figure out what the names of some of my punches are and had no luck.

FLowers open up and go in one big container. I don't know what they are.

I really have no idea what I'm using.

My letter stickers are usually too big in the package to fit into my 12 x 12 I store them in so I whack off the top with the info so I don't even know what most of those are.

I'm not trying to be inconsiderate by not posting what brands are and linking them - I just have no idea what I'm using. And most of my stuff is too old to trace it - I've tried to figure out what some of the the tools are when I got the scrapstash ap so I could put them in my inventory and could not trace them back.

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