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So sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers to her and her family. I watched my brother and my mother lie there till the end and it is very hard. You feel totally helpless. You just have to remember that the suffering is ending and that things will soon be better for them.

Sometimes I have a hard time not feeling sorry for myself, because I'm always facing another surgery or something (as I lay here on a heating pack after taking pain meds) but then I remember there are lots of people who would give anything to be in my shoes. So then I just force myself to shake it off, chin up and go on with life. But we are allowed our pity parties every now and then!

Oh and just so you know, the pain tonight. Self induced. I planted mums and pansies this evening. I am not supposed to do that at all, but well, that's part of the go on with life part. And I will like seeing the pretty flowers. It's all good! Until I stand up by the hot grill cooking hot dogs outside at work for 4 hours tomorrow. Another self induced thing, but that's another story.

I will not be at demo day this month. I'm flying back from Tampa with my BFF that day. If we get back on time, may stop at Affair of the Heart, just because we always go. Sorry!

I'm hoping to get my SIL quilt finished this weekend and make some cards for coworkers. I give them when they are sad, or doing really well at work or been working hard on charity events. Just so they know someone notices, and cares. May be kind of silly, but I think they do appreciate them. Most of them leave them out on their desks for quite a while.

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