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Heyyyy everyone...

What a long day Ive had...

Long and stressful. Then, after work, went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. Oh how my heart broke for all the waiters when a really loud song came on and they all had to dance in the center of the restaurant. And my poor waitress. I only had two vodka and tonics, but because of the stressful day and how tired I was, I was slurring BEFORE I had a drink. Half the time, I didnt even understand what she was saying.

But I did go by Ms after, to stock up on Glossy Accents! Dangit I love that stuff!

I think I'm gonna have a nightcap or two and see if I can get stuff hung up on the walls of my neglected apartment. I have two 'real' paintings that my Mom has given me as birthday gifts- and it makes me feel so grown-up to have 'real' paintings. LoL. My other claim to fame piece of artwork is a hand-colored and signed print from Karen Finley. Any of yall know who she is? I once licked chocoloate off her body, in one of her plays in NYC.


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