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  • Dedra Long Said:
For the paper garlands, I pick out my favorite patterned papers. Then I pick my favorite punches and punch the shapes out. Next, I make stacks next to my sewing machine so they are easy to grab while I'm using the sewing machine.
Then you grab wax paper or parchment paper and tear off as much as you need (depending on how long you want your garland). Start feeding the wax paper through your sewing machine and while your stitching the wax paper add your punched shapes into the stitch. You can add them close together, are far apart or both.
After the punched shapes are stitched onto the wax paper you turn the paper over and start pulling one side away from the stitch. Surprisingly, it pulls away from the stitch pretty easy.
After both side have been pulled off, you will have a stitched garland.
I love using papers with specialty finishes. It makes the garlands very pretty.

Sorry for the long instructions and hopefully they make sense. Good luck!

Thats sounds cool. I will save this in my favs for later

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