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Awesome on the healing up Tammy!

Full Auto Friday sounds like something my hubs would LOVE Darla! Sorry again about your friend, I am sure it is sad around the office.

Tanya, sounds like you costume is coming right along! On the album, I have never done one like that, but it sounds EASY, which is great this time of year.

Kory, sounds like you NEEDED a drink or 4! Hope you are well today.

Deb, that happens to us all I thing, yeah right! I went into HL to "kill time" on Tues and bout 34 bucks worth of stuff!

Well, my voice is still bad, still congested, I am beginning to think I will be sick forever!

I did however, discover a new jewelry site called baublebar, OH MAN great stuff!! I already ordered a necklace...that is just what I need, along with more shoes and jeans, JEWELRY! Muwhahaha! After I discovered Just Fab last year, I think that my shoe collection has almost doubled. But hey, I am sick, so yeah, I need something to make me feel better!

I am expecting some new scrap goodies soon, pigments and my new Swirlydoos kit. I want to play, but feel so bad, I would probably only stare!

Happy Saturday!

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