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Char yes but since she has no drivers licenses and no bus goes out there.. I can have some peace :0)

Betsy.. I grew up with my oldest brothers wife we lived down the road from each other. So she knows me better than I do.. also she knows all of the family. Her and my brother were bf and gf for years. No zingers from her. My other older brother's wife is from germany and she keeps him in line so well we all love that lady. so no zingers there. My little brother has passed away and his wife kept her kids from us for about 8 years so I do not know them to well but now that they are adults, I am learning about them. I have told them stories about their dad when he was younger. No zingers there.... but me and my sister zinger each other all the time.. not in a mean way but in a playful way. She is jealous of my creative side and I am jealous of her ability to keep an organized house so well.

I would explain to her that was not the way you raised her and you would appreciate it if she kept her hurtfull comments to herself. I have had to referee my girls sometimes with arguements. I totally agree with the if you cann't say something nice, do not say nuffin. Besides your the mom.. put your foot down and its YOUR house.

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