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Happy Thanksgiving, Mini! Your dinner sounds delish! OMGoodness, I can't believe we are talking about Thanksgiving already!

Kids are home today, parent teacher conferences. I have DS's at 10:30. Hopefully it will be a positive one. He has been bringing home some really good grades so far and his progress report was all As and 1 B. I don't think his teacher last year was do I say this, she was nice but maybe she wasn't that engaged...she is not teaching this year...I don't know...we'll see how this goes today.

Michelle, it's wonderful you have Adam home! Fixing something fun for dinner?

I really wanted to go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend but it's suppose to be 89 degrees Saturday and Sunday!!! Hard to find that fun fall spirit when it's that bloomin' hot.

Thanks for continuing to vote, everyone, I know it's kinda dragging out but Thursday is the last day. I'm almost to 400 likes, I don't know if the equates to votes or not but I like seeing's actually 367 so sorta close to 400.

More writing today. Not very productive yesterday so I need to make up for it today.

Jane, what is your weather like today? We are cool right now and high of 74 and then the rest of the week it just gets hotter and hotter. DH is left for NYC this morning. They are having a Leadership Conference. It' nice today but I think it gets pretty cold the rest of the time he is there.

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