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Eileen- will you add my name to the 1st page player's list. then I know who to lift for the challenge.

Henri - welcome. Nice to read about your love story.
2 related family stories.

1st- when my parents decided to elope after knowing each other 6 whole days, my grandmother didn't say no but she did say they couldn't run away together (that boy is a stranger) and had to bring chaperones (my mom's sister and BIL).

2nd- My hubby's grandfather married his old high school flame late in life. She had wanted to marry him but he left town due to other reasons. Both married, had children, lives, then both were widowed. Now in their Sr. years, they reconnected and married and are so adorable together and so good for each other.

ACU for Sept and Oct!! Woot woot

sorry Amy --- I got you on the front page now.

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