Username Post: Virtual Christmas Card Idea Swap/Challenge
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Wow, you guys! I am loving all the cards! tynmicsmom, that is perfectly fine to switch it up like that! It turned out cute!

I like the photo inspirations because they make me think... and the two that I've done are some of my favorite cards. However, they also take a LOT longer to make and usually aren't great for reproducing in any number. That being said, I really like the challenges that just require a specific element or something because those still look great, are usually fast and easy, and they can usually be reproduced in larger quantities.

So, I liked the idea of using something in 3's on a card, so let's do that this week. Then next week we are going to do a gift-card.... not a giftcard card, but a card with a small gift in it. I would give something like this to my neighbors..... It will be a card that you would put a hot chocolate packet in, or a singles coffee packet, or tea bag, etc. (I am telling you all this a week early so you can pick up something like that if you don't have any at the house right now).

So, the challenge for this week's card is to use something in 3's on the card... so three flowers, three stamps, three squares, etc. You get the picture.

Next week's challenge will be to make a card with a 'gift' in it, such as a hot chocolate packet, coffee single, tea bag, etc. (You could also make some homemade hot chocolate and put it in a small baggie inside the card, then put the recipe in the card also so they can make their own!)

The challenge for the next week (I am on a roll!) will be to make a card that will hold a gift card or cash, you choose.

What do you all think?


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