Username Post: do you have something you never used? what?
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  • kiwifarmer Said:
There is a whole shop full of stuff in my room not used yet.....or only used once or twice.

I have a fastenator....what a waste of $$$
I have a zutterbind it all........don't think I have made one mini albumn with it
I have an I rock tool......where is that now? I just glue the little gems on....much quicker
Slice drives me nuts.......never cuts cards that have never been used.....
Vagabond.....never used......but it only arrived last week. ( why do they sell them with no cord? Seems madness to me.....but it will get a test drive this week if I can find the correct cord to plug him in!!)

I have nver heard of something not being sold without a cord. I think if it didn't come with a cord, I wouldn't buy it. Ridiculous!

Odd mine came with its cord... although I have had it for a year and a half that thing runs constantly

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