Username Post: do you have something you never used? what?
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There is a whole shop full of stuff in my room not used yet.....or only used once or twice.

I have a fastenator....what a waste of $$$
I have a zutterbind it all........don't think I have made one mini albumn with it
I have an I rock tool......where is that now? I just glue the little gems on....much quicker
Slice drives me nuts.......never cuts cards that have never been used.....
Vagabond.....never used......but it only arrived last week. ( why do they sell them with no cord? Seems madness to me.....but it will get a test drive this week if I can find the correct cord to plug him in!!)

What?? They are sold with no cord? That makes no sense...because of that, it is off my maybe list

As someone else explained below this post, the cord is stored in a compartment on the opposite end of the machine from where it would plug in.

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