Username Post: Stitching on Lay Outs
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  • Vae on 10-09-12 06:14 AM

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I hand stitch using 2 strands of embroidery thread. I use a hand piercer and have just purchased a fabulous circle template for holes. I do have a machine but just have'nt taken the first step to sewing on my LO's. My hubby hates it when I do sew on pages as he reckons I don't sew buttons on shirts but will happily stich away on a lay out. I personally don't see any problem.. do you girls?? cheers for now.

I don't see any problem. But just to be fair, how about you propose a trade. You'll sew his shirt buttons if he'll sew your LO. Or, you can each just sew your own things (he his own shirt buttons and you your LOs)... LOL my hubby sews my buttons and irons my clothes anyway so I might have a slightly different perspective. My DH actually taught me how to sew so that I could sew my pages.

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