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I REALLY need some help!! I used to scrap quite often when my 7 year old was born, but as he and his older brothers have grown up and all play sports, I just didn't have time. I now have a Senior in High School and wanted to surprise him with a Scrapbook of his entire Senior year. Back when I scrapped, for alphabet I would either trace and cut (real pain and time consuming) or use stickers or stamps. I am now looking to make it a little easier on myself this time around and am needing help finding the perfect die cutting machine for my needs. I am basically more interested in alphabets, numbers and phrases more than anything. I have surfed the web hours on end looking at sizzix, cricut, etc and just don't know which one would be best for my needs.....and without spending a fortune on it at that. Can anyone recommend the die cutting machine that would be best for my needs??

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