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  • Henri Jean Said:
They really are wonderful! When I travel I take one for my momentos that I pick up along the way. My 12 x 12 case flies on the plane with me inside a large tote bag I use for a carry one because I will not check in my ticket stubs and things for my scrapbook or papers I've picked up along the way.
In the car - it is within arms reach for anything I pick up for our scrapbook - takeout menus and that kind of thing.

I don't put anything in my luggage that would upset me if it got lost and so everything for my scrapbooks travels with me. I even drop my purse in the big tote with the 12 x 12 and a small fold-up stool so I can sit down if my knees start hurting.

Another great idea!! I usually come home with my paper memorabilia all creased and folded.

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