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sounds like an answer I would give!
Hey, y'all, home from work and chillin for a bit. Today was hard, quite a lot of us from work went to our friend's funeral, so it was am emotional day.
I will give y'all the recipe for my zucchini bread, but I'm trying to decide if I want to type it all in or just scan it and load it into my gallery, lol. Can you tell I'm feeling lazy?
No real news from here, I'm feeling great, weather has been awesome, life is good. Hubs is going out of town tomorrow to see his mom so I'll have a couple of days and the weekend to myself. Hopefully I'll get real motivated and get more projects done in my scrap room.
Speaking of scrapping, Korybean, I think this Saturday is Demo Day. I need to make sure, but I think it was this month that Lisa moved it up a week because her son is getting married the 3rd Saturday. Don't miss it! Anybody else want to make a trip to OKC and go with us? We'll take y'all to all of our good scrap shopping spots!
Later, y'all.......

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