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It would be safe to say that most of us on here have too many possessions. Not just scrap-booking stuff, but all kinds of unnecessary things.

I'm in the loooooooong process of clearing out our many, many possessions accumulated from when most of them went into storage when we moved abroad for a year - and stayed for 7 years. You accumulate a lot in 7 years. So we brought back a houseful with us, and then our other houseful came out of storage, and we still only have the one small house!

The hoarder programs make me feel a little better about our mess, but only a little. Owning too much causes SO MUCH STRESS. Everything you own has to be cared for: you need to know where it is, keep it clean, dusted, maintained, accessible. That's a lot of work. Then when you can't keep up with it all, it's stressful. Those people who live in those conditions must have an unbelievable amount of misery just living that way - it's too big a job to tackle. And that's before you count the psychological reasons which got them there in the first place.

My scrapbooking corner is the most used, organised and tidy part of the house - what does that say about me?

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