Username Post: Is Anyone Doing Project Life?
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i am doing it for the second year in a row. Our books last year ended up filling 3 american crafts 3 ring binders. yes, I added alot of extra pictures from when we went on vacation and weekend trips. This year so far it is fitting into 2 american crafts binders.
At one point earlier this year I was a couple weeks behind. I found that if I keep the journaling cards on my nightstand and do my journaling each night before I go to bed, I do a better job at keeping caught up. I put post it notes on the spaces of the page protectors where they will go and then once every week I sit down and print all of the photos for the week. Having the post it notes marking what photos go where makes it super easy to complete each week. I dont hold myself to having to take a photo a day...that is too stressful. So some weeks I have a photo a day but other weeks I have more than one photo from some days.

Wowzers!3 binders! I thought it was supposed to fit in 1!! I already have too many items to store, IDK if I could do a project that could add an additional 3 binders to my already full collection!
Oh but you added extra pics...
That does change it up a little.
Do you have room for all that stuff?

Perhaps when the kids move out i can turn their rooms into storage for all my albums...
Yeah, that sounds like a plan!

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