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October 11: Assessed some cards that were already in my stash and added one of them to the pile of cards for the gift baskets, and made two more cards, bringing me to a total of 14 cards (13 of them made this week). Two more to go, now that I've decided to make four gift baskets instead of three. Picked up my photos from Walgreens, and wrote the journaling for them, and confirmed an ingredient for a recipe I want to scrap; these actions put three or four layouts to the point of no more excuses not to do them.

October 12: Cleaned the craft room, came up with some ideas for the wall art for my mom, put up the Halloween decorations. Placed an order for a Cricut cartridge that I have big gift-tag-making plans for. I was on the phone with my family in Michigan for several hours, giving me opportunity to the cleaning and decorating, but not really allowing for anything involving hardcore creative thinking. But ah, the weekend is here,


Craft-related plans for this weekend:
- Make 2 more cards for the gift baskets - DONE! October 13
- Go through the 16 gift-basket cards, add white or cream panels for writing to the insides of those that are otherwise too dark for writing on, and add "Created by" labels to the back of each card - DONE! October 13
- Do a non-Christmas layout - DONE! October 20
- Do another non-Christmas layout - DONE! October 13
- Choose and cut the paper for the kit swap - DONE! October 13
- Make embellishments for the kit swap - DONE! October 14
- Possibly, start on the heat therapy bags for the gift baskets, and see if I have enough material to make 3 instead of 2 - UPDATE! October 20 - I've got enough for three and I'm figuring out how I want to assemble them

And some non-crafty plans like putting away some laundry, sorting through some books for donation, dropping some other stuff off at Goodwill, etc.

Once the cards are done, I'll post again with my plans for the second half of October, now that my first-half-of-October plans are nearing completion (and the 15th is Monday).

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