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I really want to be here but there is no end to the annoying problems we are having with least I think we have narrowed it down to that. I was trying to write this earlier and suddenly I would be back on the previous page and my text would disappear....sooooooo frustrating. I'm on firefox now and so far so good but poor dh was on the computer half the day and on the phone with the Apple Geeks and we thought our problems were solved but nope.
soooo anyway here I am now.
I am too far behind now.
I hope Donna is having a grand time.
I hope all the dhs are doing better and all the news will be good.
I have never heard of a homecoming mum they don't have those here...but was a lovely idea, it traditional for the moms to help make the mums?
I'm gonna go before this all disappears again...dh is just too tired of all the problems to deal with it again today.
And I have lost my mojo.....I've been busy reading and watching baseball but just don't feel like scrapping..I want to want to...kwim?
Anyway Hi all and hope you all are having a good weekend.

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