Username Post: heeEEelp! have you seen that blog entry?
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Desperate cry for help here ladies! I've lost the blog entry that had a very interesting layout that I wanted to lift, and I can't find it anymore! it's driving me nuts!
I know a lot of you follow all kinds of blogs, maybe someone has seen it?
it's been about three maybe four weeks ago (my son was sick for the last couple weeks, and i barely looked at anything). it was a sketch with left side had some kind of squares pattern , quilt-like maybe, or triangles or such, and the right side had a single pic in the center and journaling all around it. I think the sketch was created from a card maybe, but then maybe not. then the DT members created a couple layouts from the sketch, and one was of the kid making faces and the journaling said something like "mommy look at my scary face" or something of the sort.
Heeelp! if you have seen it or pinned it - toss the link this way please? or the name of the blog?
I have about 30 blogs in the feed - mostly paper designers and their design teams (like mme, bobunny, october afternoon etc) and looked through some already, and cant find it - and by now I forget which one i checked! nuts, eh?

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