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hi everyone! i haven't been on here for a while...there has just been too much going on in my life!

i wanted to let you all know about the card project that i have shared with members for the past 3 years. my family volunteers at a camp for battered and abused children each summer. the campers receive mail in their mailbox every day from their counselors and other camp staff, such as grandmas and grandpas, other counselors, etc. the great people here have helped us for the past 3 years to have tons of cards for the campers. they are always so excited when they get their cards each day, and at night you can see them sitting on their beds, looking over their cards and they are so touched that people who don't even know them take the time to make cards for them.
the camp is called Royal Family Kids Camp ( it is an organization that has camps all over the united states and the world. it is sponsored by churches, however nothing is "pushed" on them, we just love them and show them that someone does care about them.

the cards can be any size, but it is best not to make really big ones. they can be any theme, such as sports, animals, characters(such as disney, or other cartoon type characters.), girl theme or boy them, and birthday, encouraging words such as Way to go, great job, awesome, stuff like that.
we also have a theme each year that can be used to make cards, such as the jungle theme, patriotic, etc. i don't know the theme yet for this year, but will let you all as soon as i do.

if you want to be a part of this project, just post here or pm me. you can make as few or as many cards as you want. many sb'ers here use up their leftover scraps of materials to make cards. some do multiple cards of one design, while others make one of a kind. so anything goes pretty much.

i know that times are hard for some people, and if postage is a problem for anyone who wants to participate, just pm me. i have people who are not card makers who are willing to contribute to pay for postage.

if any of you are involved with any clubs or organizations, i have had people to get groups together to make cards. girl or boy scout troups, church groups, ladies groups, classes at school., just about any group can get together and make a ton of cards at once.

i hope you will consider joining us this year, either for the first time, or as a returning card maker!

post any questions on this thread, or pm me. i will add you to the list on the first page when you let me know you want to be a part.

thanks for considering this!

rhonda towe (randasue)
p.o. box 583
Morrow, ga 30260

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