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"Scrapbook your Personal Heritage" Ya you heard me...we all came from somewhere, no matter how far back you go in time, a little or a lot, we have a heritage. Let's just get started on a heritage album. So to make this challenge a bit less overwhelming here are some ideas you can add in your "Heritage Album" This project is worth an "EASY" 5000 points! Yep!! A huge amount becuz' of the huge amount of work going into it!

1. can be at least a 6x6 or larger size album
2. can be any shape you want ie; circle, heart shape, square, rectangle etc...
3. must start with you and go backwards ie: mom and dad, siblings etc...
4. must be a minimum of 10 pages
5. must have some type of journaling on every page, and a title, and dates (if you have dates)
6. must have a front cover and a back cover
7. you must have fun doing this!!! (hehe)

Ideas to help get ya started!!
1. List ten interests or traits inheritied from your family
2. Complete a quiz about your school years
3. Find and narrate a photo that is very nostalgic to you
4. Pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away
5. Scrapbook current photos that have heritage potential
6. Share a family tradition you have observed since childhood
7. Make a page about a childhood idol or hero
8. Scrapbook a value or pastime that binds generations together
9. Skip the color design in black and white
10. Scrap an ideal you want to pass on to your children
11. Gather eight or more photos that span several years or decades
12. Scrapbook about a place that matters to your heritage
13. Chose the shape of your album that holds special significance
14. Antique album idea 3349&...

ANY QUESTIONS? If so just ask K? cool!!!

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