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Lori that is heck of an AM routine. This is what my gf has posted as her employer: Owner-Operator at 24/7 Breastaurant

Jenny I love it like too. Give me a blanket to snuggle under ALWAYS. I had to put on my fuzzy pj's cause it's a little chilly here to. Although I'm sure I define chilly much differently than you Jenny. It'll be a beauty of a day though. Occasional winds but dry, dry, dry since that hurricane is sucking all the moisture to the other coast. the best thing I can do is scarp all day!!!

Anyone else here and as ready as us three?? Has everyone opened the link to the pumpkin question or at least answered the questions. And what about the pinterest links. Have you all got those windows open to so you can select one of them instead of one around here.

Give me a few minutes to locate the template. I hope I put the last one on my jump drive.

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