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Here's the catch: Since this is a scrapbooking site, your recipe card will have to be decorated scrap book style. Say for example, your recipe is chocolate covered cherries, you could make your recipe card on brown and red cardstock, add some cherries or red gems/ribbon.

When you sign up, please let me know what your recipe will be and an alternate, in case someone beat you to it.

Here are the rules:

1. Sign-ups will be accepted until 11/16/12.
2. Recipe must be typed out.
3. Recipe card must have at least 3 embellishments
4. Recipe cards must also be made out of a heavy duty cardstock or similar material that is acid free for those who wish to put this in a photo album and must be 4x6. You can make it 8x6 and fold it in half or do a 12x6 and make a trifold.
5. The number of recipes cards you make will depend on the number of people who sign up. I am going to limit it to 10 people per category. If there is more interest, then I might start up a second group.
6. All cards must be in my hands by 12/5/12, that does NOT mean post mark day. I will be swapping them out that week. I want to make sure everyone has their cards in their hands before Chrismas so they can enjoy their recipe cards this holiday season.

7. Mailing: I will try to use the same envelope as long as it's in good condition. If it's been used numerous times and the outside is getting thin, then you might want to get new envelope. Please include a return address label. I have enough tape, so I can tape it on, if needed. Include the same amount of postage, plus four 10 cents extra postage stamps.

For people swapping from overseas - I accept Paypal. Pm me for my email address.

Mail cards to

************************* ************************* *********************
I reserve the right to ask you to choose another recipe in case we recently had that one, sorry.

The categories are brunch and Christmas desserts. If you want me to add another, let me know and I can add one more.

*** Brunch ***

1. Sally - French bread casserole
2. Kris - Egg bake
3. Keri - Blueberry Blintz Souffle
4. Susie- Christmas/Casserole breakfast
5. Brenda - Cornflake chicken casserole

** Christmas Desserts **

1. Sally - Christmas Pistachio Cake
2. Kris - Toffee bars -
3. Keri - Almond bars
4. Artesha - Pumpkin bread pudding -
5. Susie - Vanilla wafer cake -
6. Corry - Cranberry cobbler -
7. Luna - oreo balls-
8. Brenda - Red Velvet Cupcakes

= received

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