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A page on which she can retell the story of the day she got the news.

Events -- 5K walks (and, yes, I know how physically demanding that is, but some are able to manage it); fund raisers;

A page about her reasons to get up and fight everyday -- family, preferred activities, etc.

A page, just in case, about having to stand around in election lines.... unless she scored an absentee ballot.

A page about chemo-brain.

The tips and tricks she's learned about managing her symptoms.

The worst day ever.

The best day ever.

multiple pages dedicated to her support system -- the people there for her everyday.

changes in body

changes in contents and size of her purse -- I swear I now carry a pharmacy in mine.

a room she's sick of being in during recovery and/or treatment; and how she'd redecorate it, if she could.

OH! Just random, but your fighting friend may also appreicate her own art journal or a timely mini into which she can record the 20-something things/people/ideas she's thankful for. It's nice to bring along to treatments, when side effects hit hard.

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