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Anyway, I have some questions for you...I have been looking at a Cricut, but after reading a bit on this site, I actually think now I want a silhouette, probably a cameo. Am I correct that you have one? I like the idea of no carts, as most of the Cricut carts have stuff I just feel I would never use. I need something to cut titles, like words and phrases, and pretty die cut shapes. I have seen that I can download from the silhouette store, but do I have to wait to download until I buy a machine or can I start getting the freebie of the day ones now? or start purchasing them now? Have you had any problems with the machine, and how easy was it to master? Thanks!!

I used to have the Cricut Create, that's the second one on the series. I sold everything on eBay including cartridges and whatnot to save for the Cameo. Definitely go for the Cameo. I bought a Cameo thru Oh My Crafts, Inc. which allow you to use a coupon of 25% off. What a nightmare! I waited 2 long months to later find out that they didn't even have the machine in stock 'cause they haven't pay the shipment to Silhouette America. A ripoff. They cancelled my order after I complained and only refunded me the money after I threatened to talk to my attorney and report them to the BBB and FTC which I did. I got so depressed after that, I haven't been able to do anything crafty. I sold pretty much all my scrappy items to save up for the Cameo and they ripped me off and now I don't have any electric die cut machine. I should have read all the bad feedback that they have before I did it. Sooo, stay away from them if you want a Cameo. Buy from Amazon, it's more reliable, the prices are great and shipping is always free if you have a Prime Membership like I do.

Anyway, I've watched so many YouTube on how the Cameo works that when I have enough save up (hopefully for Christmas!), I'll definitely be able to handle it. If you know the basic functions on a computer, you're pretty much good to go. Of course, there is learning curve to it like everything else but you should be fine. I also have MTC (Make the Cut) that is a software that allow you to work with SVG, GSD, JPEG, etc. that you already have on your computer or buy or download free from the internet and also let you design your own shapes and cuts and work wonders with the Cameo so I don't have the need to buy the most expensive Silhouette Design Studio.

Yes, definitely download the Silhouette Studio Software from Silhouette America which is free and start downloading the free shape of the week every Tuesday and you can start practice that way. Nothing prevent you from use the free software while you wait for the machine. I also bought a special on Plum District valued @ $30 for like $18 which I can use to buy die cuts from the Silhouette Store. Clearance shapes goes on sales every Tuesday as well sometimes for like 25, 50 or 75ยข each. Plum District always have those sales, I'll keep you posted when I see it again.

Also, they have the new one which is a smaller version of the Cameo more like the original Silhouette call Silhouette Portrait. It's only $199, cuts 8.5" x 11" but doesn't have the display screen like the cameo. Something to think about if you're in a budget or don't have enough room. I like the Cameo better 'cause give you the option to cut 12" x 12".

Sorry 'bout the long post!. Please let us know what you decided to do. Any other question, I'll try to answer accordingly.

PS:. These are some helpful videos...Enjoy! mp;feature=... (This video really did it for me, she explained everything so clear!) (I lover her! She got a whole series of videos just for the Cameo)

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