Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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It's Linda's card. She's been so busy I don't know if she'll have time to answer. I don't know where the picture is of what she's doing, but it sounded really cute in what she wrote about it earlier. I figured from what is written here I could figure out something~Judy

  • anda11 Said:

You are so right Judy. lol We have a million sheets of paper but not the right shade. lol
Go ahead & make my snowmen. They are very easy.
just circle & scallops. She had embossed the middle circle with a snowflake but you do not have to do that at all & it will still be so cute. the carrot is simple. The hat was a punch. & some mini brads. She added a scarf & I may add one too but not sure yet.

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