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Holy smokes, Pat, no truer words could be typed!

And I'll add to that my own:
#3 - Memorize the 'crying checklist': Is he/she wet? Hungry? Too hot? Too cold? Hurt somehow? Tired? That's really all you need the first few months.
#4 - This too shall pass (eventually... and it'll be replaced by a whole new set of concerns/fears/issues/spe cial moments)! So enjoy it and laugh it off!

OHHH!! I'm SOOO excited for you!!!!!!!

*gasp* Simple Stories baby line... was that 'Baby Steps' by chance??? I that line... Used it to scrap the professional newborn photos of Carlo and bought extras cuz I love it so much! Will prob have to add it to my Hoarded list tho cuz it really hurts to cut into it...

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