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Also, in the back of each album (if I ever complete one), I'm planning to put a final page that lists everyone that is in the album. I work on this page as I do my LOs so I don't miss anyone. The way I'm setting it up, subject to change, is a small picture of the person as they are in the album, full name, address(es) for where they lived in the album, dob & place, death (obviously, if applicable), relationship to me or whoever the album is for. This way I don't have to explain who people are, ages, etc. all the time and the info. is there for genealogical sources, if anyone ever wants it. I just keep it set up on a spreadsheet that will be easy to print out and put at the end. Also this way private info. isn't on the LOs, so if I put them online, I don't have to worry about blurring it.

Side note: In the front, on the inside of the front cover, I like to use little frames and write in my name and who the book is for, if it's a gift. Also, date of completion, if it's a gift and actually ever gets completed :>)~Judy

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