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What makes me feel guilty is coffee--so much is produced in Columbia, etc, by workers who get paid so little so that Folgers can get richer. I used to buy only "Fair Trade" coffee, which guarantees coffee farmers a decent living wage. But, it gets expensive--so I (being a poor girl) opt over and over again for the cheapest stuff I can find. I am a hypocrite, I know! But, at least I can feel good about buying USA-produced scrapbook supplies. Thanks for the reminder! And I want to start buying my clothes from USA-based companies (or at least companies taht pay workers decently): Justice Clothing, No-Sweat, etc. Problem is, I do so much shopping in thrift stores! I rarely buy clothing new (being a poor girl, like I said). Would rather buy new scrap supplies than new clothing (or just about anything else!)

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