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I was so excited and re-inspired by what I could do when I went over to digital. Paper scrapping had become a chore...the costs, the time clearing up or getting everything out to do a page, the waste (I'd never use all the Qs and Zs I had!!), the endless 'need' for more stuff, the constant launches of new was never ending.

Digital does have a learning curve and I have no computer background at all but I found so many online tutorials and along with some trial and error my skills quickly improved.

I LOVE what can be done digitally that simply cannot be achieved with paper and glue, blending 2 papers together, for example. I love everything about it....the clearing up consists of clicking the red x, much cheaper, no glitter on the floor/cat/face, endless possibilities to reuse a single sheet of paper and even change it's colour, never run out of letters....I could go on

I do print out a lot of my pages and either put them in a traditional album or frame them and hang them at home.

Have fun - I'm sure you'll love it

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