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As for Pinterest, has a business account at Pinterest and we often pin layouts we like to our various boards on a daily basis. Once you upload something to, we reserve the right to use it in any manner we choose, according to the terms and conditions you agree to during registration. So, your layout was probably something I pinned to our account and 11 others probably saw and repinned it onto their Pinterest boards.

So, we can go in a couple directions here. 1) if you'll tell me your username, I'll try my best NOT to pin the layouts you upload to our gallery. And/or 2) you can rest assured that if you're citing the sketch used or the scraplifted original/artist in your "description" of your layout when you upload to - that is being "transferred" to the post at Pinterest. If someone likes the layout and repins it.... when they come back to dive in further and see your supplies used or a larger version of your detail, they will land in your Gallery and they will see the citations you've made.

Does that make sense? In other words, having your layouts pinned doesn't mean you're taking credit for the design if you've cited your source. It's simply an inspiring visual that someone likes and is fond enough to repin... and they will always be redirected back to for more information.

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing that! Very informative!

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