Username Post: How do you print your photos?
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That sucks Henri, I just print mines at home on my Kodak all in one printer. It printss good quality prints from 4x6 up to 5x7 they print good 8x10 photos. In color but black and white printed 8 x 10 has little lines going acrocss them if you look close but if you look far away. It ok so if I want 8x10 black and white photos or anything bigger then 8x10. I'll go to staples and have them print them out. I haven't had them print out photo since my color photography class. I loved how it came out. Now if I use them again I'll just sent it online and you get email from them when your order ready to be pick. I haven't had anything that need printed. But will know who to go to if I need a print.


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