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Best news since Lilly was born......Amanda, passed her final huge test, of 100 pages of a synopsis of what she has learned in the last 10 years of college.........she was so very, very worried. Struggled with it and getting it done in time.....but she did it.......and passed with flying colors....and is now ready to do her last internship and graduate with her Bachelors in Education in June. FINALLY!!!!! I am so excited and proud of her.......The struggles she has had to make this happen would have deterred most people...........she is the one who just had that serious back/neck surgery........but she has hung in there and is almost at the end. What a girl.....I am so very very proud of her.

Wow; good for her and you should be proud. It's so nice to hear of someone younger working hard for their goal and you are right in that she's had a lot of obstacles along the way.

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