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Special Note: December is that last month that I will be hosting this challenge. If someone wants to take over to keep the challenge going that would be great.

Posting of layouts begins December 1, 2012!!

Layouts must be new as of December 1st. And don't forget to public embed so I can post them here!!

Layouts need to be posted by the last day of the month, December 31st

Please post your layouts with both pages together in one photo, this will make it easier to get the full effect of the pages.

You are responsible for making sure your layout is on the front page. Just because I loved on it, do NOT assume that I remembered to post it.

***~Public Embed and Upload to Challenge~***

1. Once your LO is uploaded to the gallery Go to your gallery and click on it. Next click "EDIT IMAGE"
2. Under small pick of LO check box for "Allow PUBLIC EMBEDDING"
3. Click "SUBMIT

NEXT, to Upload to the Challenge Thread...
1. Go to box that says "Share"
2. Click the 'Share Anywhere' option
3. A Box will open up with a small pic of your LO. Where it says 'Embed This Image' select "IMG CODE" above the image.
4. RIGHT CKICK and COPY the code it gives you. (you can also change the size of the image if you desire.)
5. Go to Challenge
6. Go to any Reply Box and RIGHT CLICK and then PASTE the code.

November’s Winner

Going Sledding By Pippilada

Here we go.....


Creating Keepsakes May/June 2012 p 87 By TexasMomOf4


Petit Jean By TexasMomOf4

Bonus Sketch

Bonus Sketch By TexasMomOf4


1. Pam in TX
2. beck bear
3. rahulsmom
4. flutterbye0419
5. ncyankee
6. Pink Spoonbill
7. cveira
8. danciniridh90
9. OlesyaK.
10. scrapperbee
11. LesleyC
12. charcats7
13. senora_x
14. momof2lilboys
15. sasload4
16. Jen E
17. Pippilada
18. Marcilb


1. Turning 5 Is Sweet By LesleyC

2. Vocan Poas By Senora_x

3. *Happy Baby By Flutterbye0419

4. Port Arthur, Texas By Pink Spoonbill

5. Fort Charles By Cveira

6. A Very Happy Birthday By Pippilada

7. Big Girl Bed By Jen E

8. Dunn's River Falls By OlesyaK.

9. 9 days & counting! By Marcilb

10. The Roman Forum By Scrapperbee

11. Stingray By Dancinirish90

12. Reni By Pam In TX

13. The Ship on a Cruise By Momof2lilboys

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