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Good Morning Ladies,

I feel sad to learn that Bon's son was in an accident and she didn't come to see us for prayer. I do hope he fully recovers. I don't know Bon very well, just casually from this site. But I do consider her a friend and I feel bad that she's having a difficult time.

Jo I'm so sorry to hear the news about Chade. My heart is breaking for you and your loved ones this morning. Please know that you are all in my prayers dear friend.

Bren I knew you were waiting for more tests to be taken, but I hadn't heard about your need for surgery. What's wrong sweetie? Can you please fill us in so we can keep you up in prayer?

Linny so sorry your hands are still giving you trouble. You do such beautiful work so please don't give up on them! Your story about your niece is so sad. No wonder you call her the evil SIL!

Martica sorry to hear your craft fair didn't go as well as you wanted. I think I'm going to focus more on selling my crafts next year when I finish up my assignment at the shop.

Maggie it seems to me that your surgery is coming up next week. Am I remembering that right? I hope you've arranged for some extra help while you are down. Can you pm me your addie? I'd like to send you something.

Heather sorry your still feeling so bad. I do hope you get some much needed rest and recuperate over this weekend.

LacyKat Happy to see you! Love the new avi! Just beautiful as usual! Did you say you're from the west coast? Me too. Whereabouts?

Lorna loved how you handled your situation. Love comes in all shades, shapes and sizes. My daughter Ashley had a black boyfriend that she absolutely loved. You would think in this day and age that people would realize the heart is colored blind. But even some of their peers were not accepting of them as a couple. It saddened my heart and blew my mind. The experience opened her eyes to who her real friends were!

Yvonne do have plans to see your parents over the holiday? Or will you be staying in town this season? How's your bad doing?

Elizabeth I hate paperwork and it's rally starting to pile up on my desk too. Going to have to get with it sometime soon.

Anna and Deb I think I'll put on some Christmas music, break out the decorations and pour myself a mimosa this morning! I could use a little Christmas cheer today! Anybody else wanna join us?

Katie glad to hear that you and your kittens are getting on well. They are such a hand full when they are little. You and your family continue to be in my prayers sweetie.

Stephanie and Joy hope you ladies are doing well.

Hope I didn't overlook anyone! If I did, please forgiving me! At this point in my life, I've probably forgotten more than I've learned! lol Wishing you all peace and joy today.

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