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the cleaner I use is called Permanent Ink Cleaner & Stamp Reconditioner from It's a 16 oz bottle but costs about $8. Lasts me about a year and a half. I get a brand new kitchen sponge, get it wet then wring it out good. Dampen the sponge with the cleaner and store in a sandwich zip bag. when I need to clean a stamp I grab the bag and clean away. have used this stuff since I first started using Staz-on inks and I love it! but I think Staz-on may make one too.
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I got these recipes from but have never used them so cannot say how well they do or do not work. I like the one above

mix 2 cups of distilled water with 1tbsp. of Baby Magic baby wash and 2tbsp. of rose water (available at health stores). Blot the stamps with this solution on a clean rag and then dry. Linda says this recipe removes old stains, even from permanent ink.

The next homemade recipe is made with 2 cups of distilled water (do not use tap water or it won't keep very long without becoming stinky), 2tsp. Simple Green cleaner (available at most grocery stores) and 1tsp. glycerin (available at craft stores). Store in an airtight container and you can use this one for a while. The procedure for cleaning the stamps is the same as for recipe one.

A Final Recipe

The Alluring Impressions website (maker of rubber stamps) recommends this recipe for homemade stamp cleaner. In a 4-ounce spray bottle, combine 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup Simple Green cleaner. Mix any other quantity of this cleaner you want, but remember the "two parts water to one part Simple Green" ratio. Spray the cleaner directly onto the stamp and rub the stamp on a soft dry cloth until no more ink comes off the stamp.

Hope these recipes and info help a few people and more Happy Stamping to All and To All a Good Night! Sorry, Had to say it!!

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