Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Hi Linda!!!!

I've been in a no scrappy funk lately LOL

I went to Massachusetts for 3 weeks, and then I flared quite badly for a month,,,,,I think my flare is finally over, and the joints are feeling a bit better, and I have 873 thousand things to do

I need to finish my Christmas cards
clean the house
Hanukkah starts TOMORROW night, so I have cooking and wrapping to do for that,,,,,
Hanukkah shopping is done, but not the Christmas shopping (the joys of a mixed marriage LOL)

I'm going to be crazy!!!!

Hope you've been well!

OH dear Holly, So good to talk to you. I knew you were gone. I am so sad to hear that you were having flares. Do not feel bad for taking a scrap break... you always produce such wonderful stuff so fast. Everyone gets that way sometimes. YOu were not feeling well either. I am glad you are feeling better so you may do all those holiday preparations with ease. I am glad you got part of your shopping done. Since you are super woman anyway, I know you will be able to do it all. So glad you are back.

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