Username Post: What do you think about orbs in photos?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

    In response to SmartyPants

Interesting Smarty - do you get orbs on other pictures - especially at night or is it very odd, like it was for me?

Geliday - interesting description of "heebie jeebies" but I know exactly what you mean.

When something is wrong like that the air actually feels heavy to me and I just cannot go inside.

I didn't have any feelings of being uncomfortalbe at all in the mine or underground Seattle or even on the ghost tour.

In the next couple weeks I'll be posting my Key West ghost tour layouts and Robert the Haunted doll and his story. All the orbs in the photos were around houses and cemeteries and I thought they were ruined because of the orbs so I deleted them. Now I wish I had them still.

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