Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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I cried "mercy" today and bought some Christmas cards. (Note to Self: 1st New Years Resolution for 2013—Begin making cards for next Christmas as soon as the decorations are packed away from this Christmas!). I usually do a letter-size page of photos of us, our kids and grandkids, with some type of theme tying them all together. My brain won't come up with a theme, but everyone expects it to be included in their card, plus I give our kids a framed copy. I also need to get three calendars made at snapfish and I put lots of work into those, so with baking and decorating still to do, and time for fun stuff with family and church friends, store-bought cards it will be for this year.

Holly—I'm so glad I don't have a mixed marriage. I'm having trouble getting through Christmas. I can't imagine adding Hanukkah to the mix! Definitely sounds like double the work!

I keep telling Hubby that we're getting too old for all the decorating, but he's not convinced. We've spent several hours on the tree...and the back that no one sees is finally finished :>) Tomorrow I'll work on the front and he'll begin climbing trees in the front yard, putting up the 40+/- strands of lights that light up our street, along with lots of other decorations. The sad thing is that we live on a cul-de-sac so not many people see all of his work, but each year neighbors who have moved away bring their kids/grandkids by to see his handiwork. He may be 70, but he's still a little boy at heart and this is his excuse every year to go climb the trees lol ~Judy

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