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Betsey...that nephew is REALLY cute!!! hope you get to see and hold him sometime soon!

Di...we did not end up using the epi pen...the benedryl and baking soda worked. thankfully!!

He is my great sister Susan's first grandchild. Her oldest son John was married in 2009.....and I did fly out there for the wedding......! I have no idea when I will ever be able to go there again. We live 3300 miles apart. We are in opposite corners of the country. I had a hard time with the flight then, and can't imagine it now. Just the thought of it wears me out. It's a three plane deal! LOL From here to Houston, then from Houston to Seattle, then a little plane from Seattle to Walla Walla. That is to my sisters. Then we had to drive to Bellingham....almost an 8 hour drive. The only good thing was the wedding was at the end of my trip, so Susan and Doug drove me from Bellingham to Seattle where I spent the night....and so the trip home was not nearly as bad, except that I went to Chicago, then Charlotte NC then to Tampa. I am not anxious to do that again. I remember my Mother saying that she was too old to fly that far...and I thought that was ridiculous, however, now that I am that old, I get it! Sitting in a plane for that amount of time, is very, very difficult. Every thing on me hurts by the time it's over......Flying to Michigan or Maryland is no big deal.....but that's only a couple of hours......that was an allday into the evening thing.....and I was a wreck for two days. LOL

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