Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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Oh, Judy, all the decorating and fuss is definitely worth it!! Happy first night of Hanukah, Holly!! Linda, glad you are back to scrapping!!

I wanted to do an advent caledar this year, but couldn't come up with a great on to other things. But for the last week, my son has been saying, "Mommy, how many days until Santa comes?" So out to the $ store I went today, I bought a cookie sheet, and 2 pkgs of holiday erasers, because there were 12 in a pack, a variety of holiday shapes n themes, n I didn't feel like searching for 24 individual knickknacks, n that was it. Joanns had a coil of magnetic sticky tape, so add a few sheets of coordinating scrap paper I already own, and for $3.79 plus tax, I have all the ingredients for a homemade Advent calendar! The paper is gonna be cut in squares, stamped with a number, n glued on the metal cookie sheet. The erasers have already had the magnet stuck on to fit, So once I punch out the papers n glue, we have a quick n easy pretty way to count down the days! I cant take all the credit, I saw it in a craft magazine, and am adapting it to my laziness and craftability. I will show pics later when I am done!!

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