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Hello ladies myself and my wonderful co-host Imelda is hosting another swap together. We enjoyed the Christmas one so much we decided to do one for Valentines Day. I mean what better day to show your sister how much you love her.

There will be a $25.00 dollars limit. This does not include shipping. It also does not include retail prices its just what you paid for it. It does not have to be Valentine's Day themes just shower your sister with love.

You will also include one Valentine's Day themed item. It can be handmade flowers, candy, teddy bear, anything.

Sign ups will be open till the 4th and we will be handing out partners after that.

You must be postal by Feb 1 to make sure your partner has j by Valentine's Day. We understand things happen but please try to get it there in time. Everyone deserves to get there package on time.

You have to check in once a week. If times go by and we don't hear from you we will pm you to make sure you are with us. I will be sending everyone my number so you can get in touch with me if you can't reach me on the computer.

You must have 500 post to join or have swapped in a swap that I have been in which is not hard cause I swap a lot. Also you can have someone speak up for you.

This is a non flaker swap. If you flake on this swap you will never be able to join any of my swaps. I will not have people missing out because you did not send to them.

Please pm the survey to me

Screen Name:
Full name:
Do. You mind shipping international:
What would you like to receive
What do you not want
Snack you would like to receive
Anything non scrappy you want

Feel free to ask myself or Imelda any questions.
recieved survery

Shatema (babigirl)
Annette (amabear62)
Pam (Pam in TX)
Tonya (TJCraftyWitch)
Jennifer (chuca13) recieved pt 1
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Joy (joydee1963)
Kimberly (thinkpink22)
Pebbles (Ms. Pebbles) :grin
Jennifer (Mommie75)
Lunar (Lunareclipse)
Imelda (littleMrsImelda)
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Artesha (arteshamac)

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