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That is GREAT! I am happy for you to be able to create exactly what you needed! I guess I just lucked out when the PO lady gave me my template. People can maybe use cardboard from an old cereal box to make one or if anybody is really serious a piece of thinner plywood could be cut to size to make one too!
**You are awesome for helping Operation Write Home! It is a neat program for the Military so they can keep in contact with their families with fun and unique cards. Plus fun for those of us who love to make cards!!
** I love the $ store for all kinds of supplies! Makes it so easy to give somebody a gift basket with kitchen tools(spatula, thermometer, big spoons, big milk cups, dish towels and wash rags) and then put in a jar of homemade cookie mix or cake mix with a ribbon and directions tied to it!! Cool for Holidays but I love to do that for new brides or people moving out of Parent's home for the first time. Got off subject I know...I wish MY $ store had scrap book papers tho. I used to live by other ones that did but when I moved here NOBODY in any $ store has scrap papers (I think they were called Miss Elizabeth's) Maybe I need to investigate more of them when I can get driving again. I am snowed in here so tomorrow will be spent shoveling snow Could be worse tho, we could have 12 feet instead of 3-4!!

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