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Good morning. I felt groggy upon waking. I think the Advil pm does that to me. I had a hard time going to sleep.

Tish did you take your tynlol pm last night? I'm sure glad Allen didn't shovel. He could have a heart attack.

Ann-I want to say "MEN"....who made them the boss?
I completely understand you wanting a picture. Last night I realized that I don't have a photo of Casey, Sonny, Kian and Rayn together. I meant to ask them to pose.

Betsey I'm struggling with the phone upgrade too. I thought I wanted a smart phone, but maybe I should first try texting on my old phone. The kids want me to text. I need to go to Verizon and see what my options are.

I think Carole and I may be able to get together today. We haven't seen each other in two weeks, due to her being sick.

Last night my throat felt a little sore. Oh dear I have Granny's party next Sat. I can't decide if I should leave my Christmas stuff up or take it down. I like the stuff up and it hides the different colors on the wall. OMG why did I do that? Well I know why I thought we'd be painting and getting the carpet last Nov.

Teia I haven't tracked the package. I didn't write it down (like a dummy)when you posted it. I figured when it gets here, it gets here.

Tish I think Kari is due in Jan. Isn't that right Josie? Casey is in June.

Cheryl has to work today. She was concerned that they were to get more snow. I learned the hospital is 8 miles from her house. Safe travels to her.

We got a dusting to an inch last night.

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