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  • Tishd on 12-29-12 07:28 AM

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I must admit, Cathe, I did not take the tylenol pm last night. I wanted to see how the night would go without it because of all the ******** I had in my system late afternoon.

The chemo, steriods, and antinausea medications and Lord knows what else. However I do feel pretty good today and am trying to get things put away and maybe my new years resolution, if I make one, will be to get my act together and be thankful for what I have to work with here!

I am praying that when I have my CAT Scan, January 18th, the Lymphoma's have shrunk!

Well as far as pictures. I only got a good family photo on Christmas of Julie's children and grandchildren, and one of Tim and his family. Jill and Lisa are both so finicky about having their photo taken. John, Dennis and Tony were not there. I did get a darling card of Tony and Dani with their two cats so will have to scrap the card.

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