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Ann.......I don't understand????? Why is your dh balking at having a picture with the new great grandbaby?????? Has he seen her yet????? I am guess that would be a no! Hmmmmmm I may have missed something that explains it all. [email protected]!!!! Sometimes they are just plain stubborn and bullheaded!!!!!! It just seems a simple thing to me. But then Diana has relatives and a dh that does not want their photos online for anyreason, even just in on a scrapbook page. So I guess there are things we just don't understand. My thinking is if you don't want your photo anywhere, don't get in the picture. LOL I do tend to oversimplify stuff sometimes...... People just have their own ideas about things and I guess we have to let them have them......! I hope Audie will change his mind and have his photo taken with the new baby! Now in my one even asks me to hold Lilly and have a photo you see?????? Its all just a mystery!

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